2 Excitements in a Post!



You know how the older generation have pengapit for weddings? They are just like our bridesmaid and groomsman… but often one from each side and SINGLE. Kononnye so they will find love in each other gitew!


So guess why am I touching on this topic? Hahahahahaha apparently one of Mr A’s groomsman and one of my bridesmaid met for the first time during our wedding and then fall in love and THEY ARE GETTING ENGAGED THIS SUNDAY! Alhamdulillah, so interesting how fate unfolds! So that is excitement no. 1!


On another note, which is excitement no.2, I am appointed to be a bridesmaid for Mr A’s friend’s wedding next month! First time being one, hopefully I don’t do things wrong since the groomsmen are a bunch of experienced one! Hahaha wish me luck ok. And if there’s any ideas for hadang other than singing, dancing, poems… Please let me know!


This blog is slowly turning to be my personal one since wedding is over. More personal short posts like this coming up!


Update for past review!



Let me just squeeze an update in regard to the videographer that I’ve mentioned previously, just to be fair to him in case any past or upcoming client of theirs is reading this.


Last Wednesday, he made it happen. We met, and we got our product although we found some minor glitches but all to be rectify and we should receive it soon. But the bulk of it was ok, the highlight was amazing. Love it! I will share below. And one thing we learnt was to really prepare your speech to sound good! But its okay, we are genuine like that! Hahahaha!

Meeting the guy who was running away from us was great. Its like a huge relief. He explained which I would not mention here cos its kinda personal. He also told us he have been doing clearing the backlogs since the raya. And hope to have it all under control with this month or next. It felt so sincere and it’s courageous of him to explain and hand us the product.


So all is good for us. If you ask if I would recommend him? I would, given his works but I can’t guarantee the outcome. But what I feedback was to include the timeframe in the contract to bind both parties.


Ok that’s about it!

Long overdue reviews!



I’m back again after a long hiatus. Since I’m no longer a BTB, looks like there’s not much things to blog about hence the silence. But breaking the silence today cos I’m dead bored at work. Not that I have nothing to do…… just that I do not want to move a muscle at all for work for now.


Let me see….. this month would be our 5th month after marriage but I’ve yet to do any review. Is it too late? Hahaha. But I’m going to anyway to kill time.


First vendor would be…….. FAR.ZANA CAT.ERING! Good food. Very generous. Wide spread of food. 100% for the food. But but but! Here’s the drama…. So for this vendor, payment is broken up to 3 parts – deposit was only $500, then 1 or 2 months prior the wedding is the 2nd payment which require atleast 80% and final is after the event for whatever balance. So the 2nd payment day came… guess what? She told us that she wants us to top up for another 100 guests for all the additional guests that’s not counted in guest list. Like for the kompang boys, the accompanying groom’s entourage etc. I was taken aback cos its 1.6k additional mind you! But mother being her, just cut and say ok we are agreeable eventhough I was actually not! Mother always tell me to just go along with caterers since they are the one handling our guest’s food. So……………. I had to be OK too…… lucky for me I do have the excess savings. What if people don’t? I feel they should really tell me or any other clients right from the start. Ok that’s abt it for my caterer.

Some photos of the food although might not do much just justice. Atleast something ah kan!! Hahaha!

Moving on to my photographer! Elec.tric Lo.ve Pho.to Com.pany! So much love for them! Passionate with their work. Give us no problems at all. We got our photos approximately only 5 weeks after the wedding which to me was very fast. No regrets at all having them for our photos. Really hope their company will prosper in future cos they truly deserve it. All photos in this post is by them!

Décor now…… So its R.H Bri.dal. So professional. Site recee done right few months prior the wedding, gave very good inputs. Which made the void deck way more spacious than it was during sister’s wedding! Flexible enough to make changes and here and there on the night of set up. Surprised me with fresh flowers for the tables! Very quick response when we need help! Right after nikah, it rained so heavily with super strong winds which made part of the deco came apart tmpt makan pengantin backdrop to be exact. So I called them, so he said just put everything aside and mentioned he will come later since he is in the midst of smtg. Abt maybe 30 minutes later I already saw him walking to me! How efficient! So he explained and told me he will fix it at night as my mum actually requested more tables (which I know nothing about)… apparently she called them in the morning for more tables. Hahaha mother oh mother! But ok, all is well and things got settled at night!

Last but not least, our videographer……….wee.ke.nd a.ff.airs all I have to say is I am disappointed. Truly am. 5 months now and nothing has came back to us. Ok you guys might say… 5 months only.. its normal? Its certainly not for our close friend that have yet to get theirs at 7mnths now! but after a lot of chasing (and them gg MIA) and drama and a little threat, they promised to give the products next week… we’ll see! They posted a 1minute video same day edit video on their IG though and that’s about it. Please practice caution when engaging them, that’s all I got to say for now… I wish not to put their name up here but it’s only fair for future BTBs. Such a waste cos i didnt thought it was them causing us troubles.


OK doneeeeeeeee with reviews now I should really get back to work!


I am drown with work but this, I must share…. WE ARE MARRIEEEEEDDDDDDDDD!

 dancing excited spongebob spongebob squarepants marching band GIF

Alhamdulillah, we finally tied the knot in late February. I know I have been missing a lot on the posts! But work have really taken toll on me that I decide to just dump all the work and went for an earlier leave = gone for almost 3 weeks for the Wedding and Honeymoon!


Our wedding was smooth Alhamdulillah! All my vendor did an awesome job! My family and friends (BMs) are all on point! Sooo glad to have all of them. Shall provide a review soon (or maybe).


But I think this is more important hence I shall share about this first! So if you haven’t known we went to Netherlands, Italy and lastly Switzerland for our Honeymoon! It was such a good getaway being away from anything else and just be there with Mr A. But here are 2 things which happened that I hope people could learn from!


  • Travelling from Eindhoven Airport on Ryan Air.

So we took the domestic flight from Netherlands to Italy, the flight was dirt cheap! But here is the catch, YOU HAVE TO ONLINE CHECK IN!!! I am unsure if this is from the airport or the airline but we had to pay EUR 45 each because we did not online check in! The only email I received about this is a day before the flight. Who on earth checks email while having holidays?! But yuppp, there is no other way around. EUR 90 just flew off our pocket. So please remember online check in 48h to 2h prior to the flight.


  • No TAX refund if you do not have stamps when exiting EU.

This is if you spend in Europe! Europe is known for its cheap luxury shopping. So please plan your route to ensure you have the custom stamps as you exit the EU. Switzerland is not part of the EU which I only found out while I am there. So, if Switzerland is your end destination, be sure to FLY into Switzerland so you won’t lose out on this! Train will stop at Chiasso, the Italian/Switzerland border but it is not definite that the customs officer will be around. That is what happened for us. No custom officer = No VAT refund.


Ok that’s all for now which I feel are important for you guys to know if planning trips to Europe + Switzerland! Hope to share more soon. Till then, toooodles!

Bunga Pahar + Berkat



Work have been nothing but madness ah these days. Mcm kejar angin. You know how frustrating it is?!!! Hahaha but oh wells, it getting blown over soon Insya’Allah.

yelling yell stressed freak out freaking out

Another thing that have been happening lately is all wedding related! Last weekend, my fam and I discovered a new wedding shop in Malaysia which made me C.R.A.Z.Y. hahahaha! But I didn’t buy much because I buy what’s on my list only and nothing more because budget running low already.


My berkat is settled! I got the bottles for my berkat in Super Cowboy @ Kulai Centre Point. Mmm how do I even describe this place. Just like Mustafa but a little smaller and not 24 hrs version. It has got almost everything and not only wedding stuff but their level 2 has a lot of wedding related items. From the several shops I visited and looking at the exact wedding favour. I think Super Cowboy is the cheapest! Anyone interested can google “Super Cowboy @ Kulai Centre Point” insya’Allah bole lah jumpe ye.


Here is how it looks like there sans Mr A of course. Hahahaha! sorry if its not much of a help cos i totally forget to take photo. I only have this photo below!

I also came across other shops in JB like Kahwins which have arrays of things that is very wedding related but not to my liking so I ended up with nothing there! But last weekend I found a shop similar to Kahwins but more “updated” and bigger with a lot more choices! I was so smitten by the shop but some things are more expensive and some could be cheaper of course.


For example, I bought the bottles in Super Cowboy for Rm23/pack and this shop is selling Rm30/pack. But the twine like strings are cheap because they are running a promo. 300m for Rm10? I bought my bunga pahar there too! Not because they are cheap ah because they are pretty!!!!!!! This shop could make crazy literally. There are also the cheaper options like 3 boxes = 150 pcs for RM100?


Come I show you some that I liked. These are in the middle priced range.

Ok so here is the reveal. The shop name is PISB.


Ahaha! This shop that I went to is not in JB, I went to their Ayer Hitam outlet but they’ve just opened an outlet in JB at Giant Tampoi. I don’t know how it’s like in the one in JB but in Ayer Hitam is just MARVELLOUS! Hahaha some details if any of you would like to go.


Alright that’s about it! Hopefully it’s beneficial! Toodles



We are 4 months away to the wedding yo! Hahaha at this moments, I am not feeling anything in particular but once in a while I got scared and Mr A would be pissed. Hahahahahaha! I would hound him with lame qns like “do you think I will be a good wife to you?” yada yadaaa. I would get emo on certain days thinking I could not be up to his mother par is term of taking care of his well-being. Normal la right to feel all this?

beyonce eye roll bitch please annoyed out of casting

Oh wells! Anyway today I’ll be at the topic of Pre-Marriage Course. Ahhh this one is now is optional and it’s your choice to attend or not although some kadi would want to see the cert prior your Nikah. This one is hearsay la idk which kadi in particular would do that.


For myself I was dead set on gg to the course. Mr A agreed with me on this. I did read a few reviews from BTBs and decide to go for Kasih Sejati, I don’t know why the rest didn’t appeal as much. As usual Mr A let me decide and so we registered with Al Mawaddah for the course! We dropped the registration at the KS website and received a confirmation email from kasih sejati and a follow-up email from Al Mawaddah. We are told to make the payment of $300 for a couple all inclusive (food for tea breaks and lunch, course material and cert) at the venue. But from the time we signed up Mr A and I are very occupied that we called the PIC mentioning our concerns so all we did was to fund transfer instead of making our way down. So easy!


Just a day before, we received a reminder for the course stating the time and location. So 8.30am it was for Day 1 for registration but as usual people are still streaming in at 9am (official start time). Nah you won’t be penalized if you are late so don’t worry for those who are forever late hahahaha! Second day should start at 9am with the same ending time at 6pm. But I think Mohd Khair overrun his part, he got us to gather at 8.30am on the second day. We are cool with that!


So we got a total of 3 speaker- Mohd Khair covering Modules 1-2 and 5-6, Ustaz Abdul Jalil on Modules 3-4 and Nailul Hafiz for Modules 7-8. I must say all of them have a thing in common! HUMOUR. So you can imagine the number of times the class erupted into laughter.


Well, I couldn’t compare this to any other provider since I’ve never tried others. But I would highly recommend attending this course, Mr A agree with me on this! Its highly informational (atleast I think it is!). A lot of topics are covered and with KS, they have hints of Islamic module as well which I think is beneficial. They touched on topics like in laws and personalities. From the time we aren’t married to the time we are married and how much responsibilities will change and also I feel they emphasized a lot on stories which end up in divorce of course with good intentions; for us to learn from it.


But again, it is hard to determine if the course you are attending will be exactly like those experienced as others, be it good or bad, due to the speakers and if they can really deliver. Just something you can do as a guidance is to check out the modules that will be covered. That way I think it’s a fair guide. For the previous blogs I read I remember there are mentions whereby they had this letter writing to their partner and games but we did not manage to do it but I felt it was ok since everything else made up to it.


Ohhh! Before I end, the food is good I must say and there is extras for those with big appetite! Kalau masih tk cukup, there are other food available for purchase at the food kiosk of Al Mawaddah!



Vegan menu?

Hello hello hello!


I am left with 30 minutes at work so I decided to do a quick update! How you all doing on this mundane Monday. Very boring right! Same here! I have so much to blog about regarding the wedding! A lot have been happening but I think I don’t want to chuck them all into 1 post cos I think some info might be useful for some!


I’ll list down here in case I forget what to blog about;

  • Wedding Invitations + Stickers
  • Wedding Favours
  • Upcoming pre-marriage course
  • Honeymoon Planning


Oh btw last weekend I had my first Chinese wedding. Kerlaaaaaaaaas! It was an eye-opener la since it was my first. Fine dining all! Hahaha Mr A and I was so jakun till we were told to chill by his friends. HAHAHA! But most of all, we are filled with gratitude for the couple as they had specially arranged new utensils and halal food for us (+ another guest) since the hotel did not cater for us Muslims.


So that brings me to the point of vegan diet. What you think is perfect menu to be served during our wedding for our vegan diet friends. Mr A have putu piring for his live station which could be a good desert but can’t expect our friends to just have that right? So we thought of having lontong with lodeh for their mains. If anyone have better suggestions or ideas, please let us know!


Have a great week ahead alls!